Fashion Shows – Ronald Kolk

Press Release April 2006 – “One Thousand and Two Nights” in a setting worthy of “One Thousand and One Nights”

“For the first time, the famous Dutch couturier Ronald Kolk presents his collection in Morocco…”

“After the success of the show in Amsterdam, the famous Dutch couturier Ronald Kolk will present his collection, titled “One Thousand and Two Nights”, on May 5th at Palais Mehdi, in the presence of the Moroccan, French, and Dutch jet-set and members of the Moroccan dynasty…”

“Last weekend, alongside Caftan -the flagship event of Moroccan fashion-, another grand fashion show was held at Palais Mehdi. Ronald Kolk, a world-renowned Dutch designer, was in the spotlight. “It’s a way to strengthen the ties between Europe and the Arab world,” he says. And it was a show full of color and music, paying tribute to Moroccan traditional fashion and folklore….

…Marrakech is now popular among citizens of the Netherlands. According to well-informed sources, several actors, designers including Kolk himself, and princesses are acquiring residences there. For Kolk, the idea for this show was not born yesterday. It emerged in 2005 with the success of the “Morocco/Netherlands: 400 years of diplomatic relations” event, marked by the strong participation of Moroccan artists.

Shooting – Cosmo Russe

Photo shoot of the Russian brand Cosmo.

Shooting – Lorena Baricalla

Lorena Baricalla (Prima Etoile del Theatro di Monaco) veste il brand “CréaZen” di Sophie Laine Lorena Baricalla (dancer & choreographer, singer, actress, former star of the Monaco theater and regular guest of Palais Mahdi) wears the brand “CréaZen” by Sophie Laine.

Shooting – Moulouk Tawaif

Moulouk Tawaif, an Arabic (Syrian) series, filmed within Palais Mehdi in 2005

Shooting – Mohammed Ali

In 2009, the Syrian film “Mohammed Ali” was shot at Palais Mehdi. The film, directed by Hatim Ali, revisits the history of the founders of modern Egypt, including Pasha Mohammed Ali. The Moroccan director and actor, Mohamed Miftah, was also involved in the project after being contacted by Egyptian actor Yahia El Fakharani to play a significant role in the Egyptian television series.

Shooting – Agent Vinod

“The Bollywood production ‘Agent Vinod’ was filmed in Morocco (in 2012) in Tanger and Marrakech at the Palais Mehdi, featuring two major Bollywood stars, including the heiress of one of the largest film dynasties: Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.”The new feature film by Indian director Sriram Raghavan, titled ‘Agent Vinod,’ was filmed in Tanger starting Wednesday (2012). The filming team then moved on to Marrakech for the second phase of the project. Filming in Morocco lasted about twenty days before continuing in the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, and India. The film, which takes place in India and South Asia and features Indian stars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, was released in theaters in March -2012- (…) – Culture / Marrakech, Cinema, Tanger, India, Filming.”

Shooting – Queen Of The Desert

As part of the filming of the movie “Queen of the Desert,” Nicole Kidman stayed and shot some scenes at the Palais Mehdi… “Australian actress Nicole Kidman traveled to Morocco for the filming of Werner Herzog’s film, Queen of the Desert. Originally scheduled for March, the filming of the movie took place from December 15 to January 15, 2014, and led the team to London, Jordan, but also to Morocco … including the sumptuous Palais Mehdi in Marrakech; and the prestigious Berber Palace in Ouarzazate…

Clips – Darb Jnoun

The music video for Amel Bouchoucha’s “Darb Jnoun”:  It was filmed at the beginning of the summer (2011) in Marrakech at the Palais Mehdi.

Special Events – Puff Daddy’s Birthday

Puff Daddy celebrating his birthday in 2003 with his entourage, including Naomi Campbell and Jamel Debbouze, at Palais Mehdi, a must-visit address in the heart of the legendary Palmeraie of Marrakech.

Special Events – Tiësto Special Event

Tiësto Special Event, September 10th, 2011 – Scene and equipment installed above the sumptuous 400sqm pool Palais Mehdi Tiësto ignited the evening organized by Escape Music Festival September 10th, 2011, as part of the first edition of the nomadic music festival with the participation of other renowned DJs around the world…